Michael and Margie Temple are both native West Virginians. Life took them in different directions over the years, but in 1993 they met each other and later embarked on a life together. Both had been employed in different occupations and careers, and both had previously been married and had families. Finding themselves settled in Hinton, WV., Mike’s hometown, and where Margie had worked for many years, their children were now grown and establishing families of their own. Margie found herself with a lot of things left from raising three daughters and decided to venture to the flea market to sell some extra items and make some extra money. To attract people to their booth, the couple made 100 fried apple pies, decorated their table with a red and white gingham cloth, brought along an antique basket of shiny red apples, brought their sifter decorated with apples and tied up their brown sugar bag with jute. On that beautiful Sunday morning, many customers approached the couple’s table and quickly purchased all 100 fried apple pies. A couple of customers, in particular, remarked that theirs was the nicest booth they had seen at a flea market and were complimentary of the displays of the other items that were on sale. One lady stated, “you guys should be in an antique shop!” Wow!

Believing this experience to be just a fluke, the next Sunday they repeated the process. More fried pies, more apples, and many more compliments. The “antique shop” commenter returned and her remarks resonated with Margie to the point that within 30 days the couple had a booth at Beckley Antique Mall where they maintained a booth for seven years before opening Grandma’s House in Hinton, WV, on December 3, 2003.

Grandma’s House was born out of Margie’s desire to do something different. Always having at least one job, and often two, she had been a legal secretary, an administrative assistant and held other administrative support jobs over the years. Her creativity was born from having “to make do” with what she had and finding ways to stretch a dollar. Her life with Michael made exploring different aspects of herself a little easier, and with his help, they soon put together an attractive shop that has thrived over the past 14 years. The shop continues to expand and change its inventory driven by customers’ desire for new and different offerings, but their focus is still antiques, retro kitchenware, primitives, and decorative items.